Upper Key Stage 2

Welcome to Upper Key Stage 2

Summer Term 2017


In Upper Key Stage 2 there are around 150 children organised into six classes. From September 2016 they will be arranged as follows:

Creative Curriculum

Our next topic this term is called ‘Man and Machine’ which covers several aspects of the science curriculum. Initially we will be studying light and how the eye sees objects. After an investigation into shadows, our topic covers electricity and circuit building. Finally, we will complete the topic started earlier on forces by exploring how levers, cogs and pulleys work.


This term we will be developing drawing and sketching skills using simple machines and small household appliances as our subject. The children will be taught shading techniques to develop tone and 3d effects. A further study will be producing collage and 3d models of fantasy materials using junk items. (Teachers will be collecting small machine components such as cogs/ gears, metal strips, screws and bolts etc and would appreciate any contributions!)


The children are going to design, build and improve a simple machine that will have an additional mechanical or electrical system applied to it. They will work in small groups and present their ‘machine’ to the whole class at the end of the project.


The theme for this will be the major world faith of Islam. These lessons will focus on the Qur’an and explore how this holy book provides guidance for Muslims in their daily life. A wider focus will explore the importance of rules and give the children opportunity to reflect on the significance of different sets of rules and who can provide us with guidance. To enhance the children’s understanding and awareness of the Islamic faith, we are intending to organise a visiting speaker to explain the importance of prayer and the Qur’an to Muslims.


This term, in anticipation of some good weather, the children will be doing outdoor athletics. These lessons will cover several different disciplines and give the children experience of new equipment whilst developing technique, strength and stamina.


With the General Election looming, Y5/Y6 will be finding out more about democracy and the voting system in this country. We also have plans to hold our own election and children will be invited to stand for their own parties after presenting their manifestos. Please note the candidates in our mock election will not be representing any existing political parties.

Trip to Landrover Jaguar

As we are looking at man and machine we have an amazing trip planned for the summer term. All the children will be visiting the Landrover Jaguar factory in Halewood for a guided tour of the assembly plant. Here they will see some of the most sophisticated ‘robots’ in the world at work. Details of this half day trip will be issued later but please note classes will be going to Halewood during the week commencing 22nd May.

Here is a brief overview of a typical day in Year 5 and Year 6.

8.50 – 9.05         Morning Registration

9.05 – 10.10        Maths

10.10 – 10.30      Play Time

10.30 – 11.30      Literacy

11.30 – 12.00      Guided Reading

12.00– 1.00         Lunch Time

1.00 – 2.00          Afternoon Registration Topic lesson

2.00 – 3.00          Science

3.00 – 3.30          Collective Worship

3.30                       Home Time


The children in the Upper Key Stage department will be issued with homework throughout the year. For specific details for each class please refer to individual class pages. Generally homework is as follows and the amount of work set is proportional to the ages and stages.

Reading – at least three times per week

Spelling – weekly lists of words

Maths and English – once or twice per week.

Multiplication tables practice – once per week.

Topic or Science research when appropriate.