Welcome to Class 6F –
Miss Flute’s Class

Summer Term 2017


Summer term is here already and what a fantastic final term it will be. As you are aware the SATs period is almost upon us and marks a very important time in their year six career.

I am exceptionally proud of each and every member of our class; they have all managed to prove just how hard working, mature and resilient they are. Over the last few months the children have under gone several practise tests so that they know what to except during SATs week. Again I would like to reiterate just how pleased I was to observe them handle them calmly and with a superb attitude. Their SATs tests are simply an opportunity to showcase all that they have learned and just how much they have progressed. So that the children are in the best possible position to take their tests, lots of early nights and time to relax is very important, as well as coming into school earlier during SATs week to enjoy some toast and fruit juice.

The summer term brings many exciting things to look forward to, namely the summer production. Not long after SATs finish, the planning of the leavers production will commence and I am sure the children will thoroughly enjoy the rehearsals and performing at what has become quite a tradition.

Similalry, the summer term will bring opportunities for plenty of projects and topic learning experiences for the children to get stuck into. That being said, writing, mathematics and reading will still remain a key focus for year 6 as the children move towards high school.


Out next topic is called ‘’Man and Machine’.   Further details can be found on the Y5/Y6 Curriculum page.

Planners and Reading Books

Everybody must continue to make reading at home a priority. You should be setting aside adequate time almost every evening and weekend to read and enjoy your school reading book. Be sure to raise questions about what you are reading and you should welcome discussion with your family to chat about your book. Lots of you are using your planners wonderfully and using them as a tool to stay organised, record your reading and carry out reflections about your learning – well done. Everybody must ensure that you continue to use your planners properly. Remember, you must ask an adult to sign your planner each week so they too can look over your reading records.

Transition to High School

During this term, both the year six teachers and the children, begin to look towards high school. Hopefully all of the children in 6F are very much looking forward to high school and beginning their new, exciting chapter. However, to ensure that any small worries are eliminated and no questions left unanswered, children will have a transition period in which they will visit the high school they are enrolled in, where they will partake in exciting and engaging sessions and get to meet lots of new students and staff.

I would like to thank all parents for your continued support. As always, you are always more than welcome to discuss any concerns or questions that you may have about your child’s learning.

Kind regards,

Miss Flute