Welcome to class 3S –
Mrs Dilorenzo’s Class

Spring Term 2017


A very warm welcome to class 3S.  It is a pleasure to be back in the classroom working with such lovely young children!

They have already made me feel welcome and we are already getting to know each other. I am very excited to be helping them to grow and learn.


This term our topic is ‘Ancient Civilisation’.  We will be learning about what life was like in the Ancient Times, with a focus on Egyptians and their way of life.  The topic began with our launch day where the children experienced ‘tasters’ of all things ‘Egyptian’ (including a pyramid building competition!)


Reading is a vital skill and it is therefore essential that children read at least 4 times a week.   Reading should be recorded in the planners that also provide some guidance on the types of questions you could ask to help develop your child’s comprehension.  Reading at home, alongside weekly guided reading sessions in school, help to develop skills and build self confidence. Please ensure that you sign your child’s planner each time you hear them read.


Homework is given out weekly and will usually alternate between English and Maths.  There will be occasions when homework will be related to Topic or Science.  Homework will be set on a Friday and returned the following Wednesday and is to be completed in the books provided.

The children will also bring home weekly spellings to learn, which usually follow the spelling pattern or rule that we are currently learning, as well as word lists for common exception words that they learn in Year 3.

Planners need to be kept up to date. Children will spend some time at the end of the week reflecting on what they have achieved, setting new targets for the following week and completing these sections in the planners.

I would ask that planners and reading books are in school every day and signed by an adult once a week. This is a vital skill to develop both home school communication, as well as in developing independence and organisation, so we ask for your ongoing support with this.



Please make sure PE kits are in school on Monday and taken home on a Friday. 3S have PE on Mondays and Wednesdays.  If PE kits are used for an after school club, make sure they are back in school the next day. If you are unable to take part in a PE lesson, you should bring a note of explanation from home. Where children have long hair, please ensure that it is tied back for PE, for Health and Safety reasons and that any large hair clips or bows etc can be removed for similar reasons. This half term we will be doing gymnastics.


Please send in any money eg for clubs and trips etc in a named envelope. These will be collected daily and sent to the office where appropriate.


Please ensure that your child has access to water in a named water bottle each day. There is fresh drinking water available should the children need to top up throughout the day. Children can also access toast and drinks from the kitchen at breaktimes, but will need to have money available on their accounts to do so.


If any parents/carers have any spare time or would like to come in and help (we always need help with displays, art and craft lessons, reading with individuals etc.)  then please pop in and we can make arrangements. Any support, big or small, is really appreciated and we would love to have you involved.

If you have any concerns or questions at any time, please do not hesitate to speak to me at the end of the school day or arrange an appointment with the office.

Many thanks for your continued support and I look forward to working with you all for the rest of this year.

Mrs Dilorenzo